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An innovative cross-platform app for saving and investing backed by Fortune 500 company John Hancock.

Building the foundation

Twine logo

I joined Twine right at the time when we’d kicked off work with the design agency, Huge. They were helping us do research, and establish a logo, color palette, and UI patterns that we could start with to build a native iOS app and a web app.

The challenge

Design and build a native iOS app that would allow couples to successfully create joint investment accounts from their iOS devices. We also needed a web app, a marketing site, an email system, and advertisements.

Quote from Cassidy: "She is an inclusive design evangelist and thoughtful collaborator to peers (in product, marketing and engineering), resulting in that rare organizational trust required to ship groundbreaking design."

The team and my role

My role on the team was Senior Designer. Outside of the initial engagement with Huge, I worked directly with Cassidy Clawson, the creative director and who was also my manager and later the team grew to include additional design consultants and a UX Researcher. Working at Twine with our small, tight-knit team kicking off this new product backed by John Hancock was one of the highlights of my career.

The result

Graphic for Apple's "New Apps we Love"

When we launched in the App Store, we were delighted when we were featured for the first time. Other points of recognition that Twine received during its time in the App Store were:

Twine homepagePhoto from a Twine office shoot

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