Onscreen, I’m interested in creating inviting, clear, beautiful, and accessible experiences with and for others. Offscreen, I enjoy spending time with the natural world—creating spaces that welcome and encourage wildlife to thrive.

My interests

Work + Life

Similar to my work interests, my personal passions revolve around creating spaces that radiate warmth and hospitality, and embracing a philosophy of doing more with less.

A collage of bees, flowers, and me in nature

A few of my favorite things

Macro Photography

More specifically, macro photography of insects, spiders, & plant life. I've also started sharing videos on YouTube.


I love to build things, like our raised planter boxes for growing veggies!


When I was young, I wanted to be either an artist or an interior designer. I watch a lot of AD.


When I’m not following bees around, you’ll find me propagating plants or tending to the veggie garden.


I’d say it’s for exercise, but really it’s another opportunity to take photos of insects or spot native plants.


Walking around a new city, enjoying the food and sights the locals do is so energizing. Japan will happen one of these days!

Thrift Shopping

I can’t resist a cute, vintage coffee mug or a lovely old book on plants.


I enjoy making simple, healthy meals at home, especially when the ingredients come from the garden.


I play the drums and I’m trying to learn the ukulele, but I also love to work or cook to some great tunes.

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