Squash bee in a squash blossomGray bird grasshopperBee on a pink Mariposa lily petal, Genus DiadasiaLateral Sigil Lady Beetle on Coyote bushGray bird grasshopper having some kaleDamselflyGray hairstreak butterfly on a Manzanita leafClose up of a beetleClose up of a Monarch caterpillarMonarch caterpillars having some Narrowleaf MilkweedHooded Oriole flying from ToyonHooded Oriole sitting on Toyon branchJumping spider on Zinnia flower budSweat bee on a yellow coreopsis flowerFly on Fairyduster flowerBoatman fly on fungiCrab spider on cucumberJumping spiderJumping spiderLong-legged fly on cucumberClose up of a Zinnia flowerParasitic wasp on Guava treeTransparent looking spider in a webParasitic wasp on Guava treeTIny caterpillar larvae on Red Flowered BuckwheatSmall White butterflyJumping spiderSpider mite with rainbow sparklesSkipper butterfly on bright pink ZinniaClose up of Buckwheat flowersSkipper butterfly on bright pink ZinniaBaja Tree frog on red Yarrow flowerSkipper butterfly on bright pink ZinniaJumping spiderMale mosquitoFemale mosquitoRaindrops on red Chuparosa flowerRaindrops on Miner's Lettuce leafRaindrops on sage leavesMealy Pixie Cup lichenMealy Pixie Cup lichenBonfire mossMayflyClose up of blue Ceanothus flowerArugula flowerMatilija poppy flowerHoverfly on radish flowerWestern Tussock Moth on buckwheatVery small carpenter bee on apple tree leafWestern Tussock Moth on buckwheatWhite-lined Sphinx moth caterpillarHoverfly perched on kale leafHoverfly perched on kale flowersTwo hoverflies mating on buckwheatMexican Bush Katydid on a pink Mariposa flowerTunnel weaver grass spider in a webYoung Gray bird grasshopper

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