Digital designer & nature enthusiast. I’m passionate about all things Design Systems & Community Science.

Case studies

Scott Grant, Engineering Team Lead

“As a design expert, she possesses an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge that allows her to excel in both detail-oriented tasks and high-level strategy.”

Kind words from colleagues

Lauren Beatty, Staff Engineer

“The tremendous success of the rollout can be directly attributed to her thoughtful planning, collaboration with others and execution.”

Cassidy Clawson, Creative Director

“Her work is functional, beautiful and taps into the cultural zeitgeist in a magical way.”

EvAN Bowers, product Design Lead

“She gave me advice which helped me make the right choices so I could grow in ways that resonated with what I care about.”

Melinda Campbell, Design Director

“She is a systems thinker as well as a constant learner. She was ever evolving her skills and knowledge around Design systems, teaching herself new things and bringing that back to the business.”

Liam Reid, ProDuct Manager

“Stephanie is an exceptional design leader with strong organizational skills, outstanding visual design skills, and expertise in design systems.”

Sabrina Summers, Program MANager

“I loved getting into the weeds with her on that first iconography project. Who knew icons could be so fun???”

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